About Us

Camilk was started by a group of enthusiastic investors. Our team is a group of ambitious people who love what they do and are very passionate about it. Our camels are treated with dignity and honor like an animal is supposed to be treated. We provide our camels with a life that is far better than the one that they had in the outback.

Our camels are treated right and fed with only the right kind of feed in order to provide the best milk! People are always welcome to any of our farms to meet our lovely team and happy camels.

The amazing health benefits of camel milk have been known to the people of the desert for thousands of years. From Pakistan in the east all the way to Morocco and the sub-Saharan desert of Africa, people are no stranger to the benefits of camel milk. Recently, the western world has also discovered these very same benefits of camel dairy products. While it is only just becoming popular in the west, we the founders of Camilk have spent our whole lives drinking camel milk. That is why we want to spread the word about the benefits of consuming this glorious super food.

Therefore, our mission is to reach those health-conscious people- yes, that’s you- who demand a healthier and superior quality alternative to cow milk and its by-products. At the same time, we want to tell you that you can find exactly what you are looking for at Camilk Dairies.

We are not going to limit ourselves to just selling milk. Because of great demand and hundreds of requests, we have decided to honor them and work on bringing new products. We have made a list of items like drinks such as flavored milk, edibles such as snacks, health bars and cereals, hygiene products, home products and much more that are in the works.