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Situated in Rochester, Victoria, this farm is home to healthy camels that enjoy the beautifully clean Australian air and a really special diet of only the finest food. You can be certain that our Australian camel milk will taste fantastic no matter when you have a glass.



Located in Abu Dhabi, this Camilk farm is the 3rd largest in United Arab Emirates and houses more than 1100 well-kept camels. Like all our other farms, this one boasts extremely clean air and sources the finest local produce for the camels to eat.



Camilk is currently working with other reputable camel farms to ensure that our American consumers can enjoy Camilk like everyone else, but at affordable prices. We’re busy working on developing our camel farm in North Carolina with the aim of growing into the largest Camel milk producer in the U.S.


At Camilk, we’re working hard towards establishing a thriving European based camel farm to provide 100% natural camel milk to all those who crave it.



Our team is currently being kept busy our upcoming camel farm in Morroco. The farm will be based in the south where the pollution is low and air is extra clean. We hope to establish our farm soon so that we can cater for the many thousands of people who crave 100% natural camel milk.