Handmade Patchouli Camel Milk Soap Bar


CAMILK HANDMADE moisturizing patchouli camel milk soap is made from fresh milk. We strive to find ways in which camel milk can benefit and nourish your body, and our soap does just that. We always work to make sure that each of our products is made with the same level of quality, and our patchouli camel milk soap bars are no exception.

Look and Feel Your Best with Our Handmade Patchouli Camel Milk Soap

This patchouli camel milk soap bar features several natural ingredients that are ideal for anyone to use. It cleans with a blend of essential oils perfect for all skin types, and it keeps your skin hydrated and soft, making sure to rid dryness and redness. We only include all of the best ingredients in our handmade patchouli camel milk soap bars to give our customers great results following every use. You can also learn more about the other camel milk products we offer, including our liquid and powdered milk options.

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Tallow, Camel Milk, Patchouli, Essential Oil, Castor Oil, Kaolin Clay, Mediterranean Chocolate Clay, Tussah Silk


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