500g Raw Freeze-Dried Camel Milk Powder

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We take pride in being the ONLY dairy in the world that offers you
Raw Camel Milk Powder

This 500g bag of raw camel milk powder is an alternative to raw liquid milk that contains the same nutritional properties as our liquid products. If you want to be at your healthiest and enjoy the finest dairy products you’ll find anywhere, our camel milk is one of the best options, including both our liquid and powder versions. This 500g raw freeze-dried camel milk powder comes with all of the same benefits as our other dairy products, including:

-Our grass-fed camels live how nature intended; outside & unconfined

The quality of our product always comes first, that is why we outsource important tasks like:

Freeze-Drying, and Powder-Packing, to expert professionals.

Experience the Benefits of Top-Quality Raw Freeze-Dried Camel Milk

Here at Camilk; we go the extra mile to guarantee top quality products, and use the best procedures to make them, in order to leave nothing for our customers to worry about. With this 500g raw camel milk powder, you can get one of the most nutritious dairy products on the market at a reasonable price.

It is as great as liquid RAW milk!!

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