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Camilk dairy


Time and time again it has been proven that camel milk is one of the healthiest things people can put in their bodies. It’s a wonderful source of vitamins, protein, and nutrients guaranteed to make whoever drinks it at least a little bit healthier. However, that does not change the fact that many people around the world just don’t like drinking milk or can’t commit to drinking it every day. There is a simple solution to this; use camel milk as a substitute in recipes that call for milk or create new recipes around camel milk. It is an easy way to consume camel milk without actually drinking it. Even camel milk powder can be used in many recipes.


Pancakes are a popular breakfast food, and nearly every single recipe for them calls for milk. This causes people to immediately reach for the cow’s milk in their fridge, but camel milk can easily be used in this recipe instead.


1 cup of flour (all purpose)

Half a liter of camel milk

2 tablespoons of granulated sugar

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

4 medium eggs


  1. Combine flour, milk, sugar, vanilla extract, and eggs in a large bowl.

  2. Mix until the batter is smooth.

  3. While mixing, set the pan on the eye so it can get hot.

  4. Plop a slice of butter on the pan.

  5. Once the butter has melted, start cooking! This should produce around eight pancakes depending on the size.


Camilk dairy

Lattes are a great beverage for the winter (and summer if served with ice), but many restaurants that serve them make them with cow’s milk. However, there is a great camel milk recipe for a homemade latte that uses camel milk instead.


1 and a half cups of raw camel milk

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

1 tablespoon of pure honey

1 teaspoon of ground turmeric

Half a teaspoon of cinnamon (optional)


  1. Steam the milk and coconut oil in a saucepan or espresso steamer. If in the espresso steamer let it become frothy, and if in the saucepan careful not to bring it to a boil.

  2. After that, stir in the turmeric and honey.

  3. Pour into a mug and sprinkle on the cinnamon if desired. It can also be served with ice for a chilled drink.

Chicken and Milk Tagine

This recipe works great to make a tasty lunch or supper and utilizes camel milk.


4 chicken breasts (sliced into large pieces)

2 sliced garlic cloves

Half a cup of olive oil

Crumbled cube of chicken stock

Large slice of a peeled lemon

A few pieces of thyme

One cinnamon quill

1.5 cups of camel milk

A dash of salt and pepper


  1. Preheat the oven to 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. While the oven is heating, put the tagine on a stove eye turned to high heat.

  3. Use the garlic and olive oil to brown the chicken, then add the other ingredients.

  4. Bring it to a nice boil, then put the lid on, and set it in the oven for one hour.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is a huge reason that people can’t cut out cow’s milk. Thankfully, this ice cream tastes just as good and calls for camel milk instead.


500 ml of camel milk

6 crushed cardamom seeds

4 egg yolks

125 grams of granulated sugar

200 grams of cream


  1. In a saucepan, bring the milk and cardamom to a boil.

  2. In a bowl, mix together the egg yolks and sugar.

  3. Pour the boiling mix over the mixture, then add it all back to the saucepan.

  4. Let it cook slowly until thick.

  5. Then remove the seeds and put it in the fridge for at least 12 hours.

  6. After the 12 hours, add the cream and put it in an ice cream maker for 30 minutes.




Camilk dairy


This is another favorite breakfast food that almost always needs cow’s milk, but by using camel milk in this recipe instead makes them healthier and just as delicious.


2 medium eggs

1 cup of all-purpose flour

1 cup of camel milk

1 tablespoon of vanilla extract


  1. Mix all of the ingredients together in a large bowl using a whisk.

  2. Make sure the waffle iron is greased, then add the batter.

  3. After around 2 minutes, or when the waffles are golden brown, remove them and dig in!

  4. Blueberries, chocolate chips, and nearly anything else can be added to the batter as desired.

White Chocolate

Chocolate is the preferred snack food of many, but much of it is made with cow’s milk. This recipe makes a chocolate that is healthier than many others, and also uses camel milk.


4 ounces of Cocoa butter

¼ cup of camel milk powder

• ⅓ cup of any powder sweetener

½ tablespoon of vanilla extract

A dash of sea salt (optional)


  1. First, melt the cocoa butter, this can be done on the stove or in the microwave.

  2. Then, mix in the milk powder, sweetener, vanilla, and sea salt (if desired) until it becomes smooth.

  3. Pour the mixture into chocolate molds and keep it in the refrigerator until it becomes hard.

Crockpot Caramel Sauce

The only ingredient for this recipe is camel milk. It is easy to make, and great to cook for holidays and parties.


Sweetened and condensed camel milk


  1. Gather as many clean jelly jars as desired, and fill them with the milk. Make sure to leave ¼ inch of headspace.

  2. Put the lid on tight and put the jars in a crockpot.

  3. Next, put water in the crockpot so it rises at least one inch about the top of the jars.

  4. Finally, let it cook on low for eight hours.

  5. Keep in mind, glass jars are the best bet for this recipe.

Hot Chocolate

Camilk dairy


Yet another drink that more often than not uses cow’s milk, it can easily be made with camel’s milk instead. This recipe makes two glasses but can be doubled or even tripled if needed.


500 ml of camel milk

¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract

2 teaspoons of cocoa powder sugar (sweetened or unsweetened depending on preference)

A dash of cinnamon


  1. Put one teaspoon of cocoa powder in each of the glass, then mix with a dash of the milk.

  2. Put the rest of the milk in a saucepan with the vanilla and heat it on medium.

  3. Once it is close to boiling, pour it into the cups while stirring.

  4. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top if desired.

Chicken Dinner with Sauce

This is a great meal for a family gathering, and pairs nicely with many sides.


2 chicken breasts (boneless)

1 small egg

Salt and pepper


2 cups of camel milk

¼ cup of almond flour

Half a stick of butter

Salt and pepper


  1. To begin, melt the butter in a pot and mix in the flour and egg.

  2. Let that cook on low heat for at least one minute, then stir while adding the camel milk.

  3. Add some pepper as well, if wanted. That finishes the sauce.

  4. Keep the sauce on a low but warm temperature while preparing the chicken.

  5. Sprinkle the salt and pepper on the chicken breasts, then heat up a skillet on medium.

  6. Once the skillet is hot, add the chicken and cook on each side for at least three minutes (make sure it is cooked thoroughly).

  7. While cooking the chicken, preheat the oven to 325 F.

  8. After the chicken is done, remove the skillet from the eye and add the sauce.

  9. Put the skillet in the oven for no more than ten minutes, then take it out and enjoy.


Jalapeno Egg Cups

This camel milk recipe is great for breakfast and takes less than an hour to prepare and cook. It is also good for those who do not like traditional breakfast foods.


4 Jalapeno Peppers (sliced and seedless)

8 eggs

½ a diced onion

¼ cup of camel milk

¼ cup of diced bell peppers

½ tablespoon of garlic powder

Salt and peppers


  1. Preheat the oven to 375F.

  2. Add the jalapeno peppers, onions, bell peppers, eggs, camel milk, and garlic powder.

  3. Whisk it, while sprinkling a bit of salt and pepper on top.

  4. Once mixed, pour it into muffin tins and bake for twenty to thirty minutes.

There are thousands of other recipes that camel milk can be used in, and food bloggers everywhere are using it for creative dishes. With so many meals that call for more milk, it is easy to simply use camel’s milk instead. It adds protein, vitamins, and nutrients on top of making a delicious meal to be shared with friends and family alike. From dessert to dinner, to drinks, there is something for everyone to make with camel milk.

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