Freeze Drying and Everything Else You Need to Know

Let’s begin with what freeze drying is. Freeze drying is a process deemed lyophilization, where small amounts of any given product are frozen and then put under a vacuum where it turns into vapor without defrosting beforehand. The remaining water is then removed from the liquid product, which allows it to stay in its original structure. Because it is put in a vacuum, the ice evaporates immediately, which guarantees that most of the taste, texture, and nutrients, will remain untouched by the process.

Benefits of Freeze Drying Milk and More

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Freeze drying is one of the many ways to preserve fresh milk and make it last longer. It is often favored because of its ability to keep most properties intact. Since there are no statistics for camel milk, I will share some numbers I found on cow milk to show that in any case, very little nutritional value is lost.

For example, a fresh cup of cow milk and a cup of cow milk made from powder will have a little more than 80 calories. Both servings have 8 grams of protein, and both can satisfy about one-third of your required daily calcium intake. Cow milk also has vitamins B-5 and B-12, which has to do with keeping up the health of your nervous system. Fresh milk contains 1.2 micrograms of B-12, while powdered milk has 0.9 micrograms.

There is little difference in the amount of B-5 that they each carry, with fresh milk containing 0.9 milligrams, and powdered milk containing 08. milligrams. Phosphorus, a mineral that helps with enzyme function, stays at about 247 milligrams in a fresh cup of milk, and powdered milk rests at 227 milligrams. Selenium, a mineral that helps with thyroid function, has 7.6 micrograms in fresh milk, and 6.3 micrograms in powdered milk.

Other Advantages of Freeze-Dried Milk

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There are other added benefits of freeze drying as well, such as the high quality of the product being dried, since the temperature stays at low temperature during the entire procedure. This also accounts for the lack of chemical changes to the product, which is very important for dairy products. Other methods could affect the taste or quality of the milk, but freeze drying guarantees that it will stay in its best form.

An advantage of freeze-dried milk is that it has a much longer shelf life than fresh milk, which helps consumers who wish to have milk in the house but don't always consume all of it in a timely manner. Not to mention its easier to store for travel if one were to go on a hiking trip, since all one would need is a packet of powder and water at their disposal.

Some freeze-dried powdered milk is not made from 100% milk. Be sure to check the labels and make sure “dairy whey,” “corn syrup solids,” and “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil” are not on your ingredients list. If they are, it means that your milk isn’t all milk. However, here at Camilk Dairy, our milk has no other added ingredients, and is the healthier choice of milks around.


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