Camilk Dairy - A history and evaluation

Camilk dairy

Those who were raised in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and other desert countries are well aware that camel milk is superior in several ways compared to any other type of dairy product. After all, they were raised on it and know its health benefits better than anyone else. People just like that are the ones who founded Camilk Dairy. They aim to establish farms as far west as the eye can see, from the United States to Europe and Morocco.

At the end of it, Camilk hopes to have around 30,000 camels all over the world the world that produce up to one hundred and fifty thousand liters of milk per day.

The Highest Quality Standards for Camel Milk Dairy Farms

Each and every farm is held to the highest possible standard when it comes to camel welfare, and Camilk makes sure that none of the farms fall below it. So far, Camilk has established farms in Australia and Asia. The Australian farm is located in Rochester, Victoria, with the Asia farm situated in Abu Dhabi. Each farm resides in an environment full of clean air where the camels are fed only the finest and most nutritious foods available. The farm in Abu Dhabi is the third largest camel milk farm in all of United Arab Emirates, and holds 1,100 camels.

Camilk is currently busy trying to build farms in America, Europe, and Morocco. The American farm will be situated in North Carolina, and is hoped to become the largest United States camel milk producer. While a location has not been pinned down for their European farm, Camilk is still hard at work developing one. The Morocco farm has also not been given a precise location yet, though it is set to be established in the south where the air pollution levels are at their lowest. Clean air is a priority when Camilk sets out to develop a farm, remaining just as important as the animals’ diets.

Healthy and Happy Dairy Camels


Camilk dairy

As for what the camels consume, they are able to graze in the nicest pastures and eat hay grown and harvested by Camilk itself. They also get to enjoy broccoli, spinach, and silver-beets. As a result of this diet —which is present at all of their farms—Camilk has been able to achieve a milk that is a wonderful balance of sweet and salty, giving them some of the best -tasting camel milk available. Camilk uses the absolute best technology when collecting, processing, and packaging their milk. It is one hundred percent natural and pasteurized, with no added chemicals.

Camilk is actually the only farm that uses a process called continuous flow pasteurization, in which the milk is frozen and put in a low -temperature vacuum. This process ensures that all of the nutrients found in camel milk are preserved, where as other forms of pasteurization lose a lot of what makes the milk healthy.

Camilk also offers freeze -dried milk options seeing as that is the only way to ship it to some places. However, this freeze dried powder has all the same nutrients and is virtually the same as fresh camel milk. That is a guarantee from Camilk itself. The freeze- dried option also has a much longer shelf life, giving consumers the opportunity to enjoy it that much longer.

While it is true that camel milk is a bit more expensive than cow milk or other dairy products, it is worth the extra buck in every way. It has high levels of protein, even when freeze-dried, that lead to a stronger immune system when regularly consumed.

Other Camel Milk Products from Camilk Dairy

On top of regular and freeze dried milk, Camilk also produces other products. For one, they have Colostrum, which is the very first batch of milk a mother camel produces after she has given birth. It is packed with even more nutrients and minerals than the other batches of milk, making it “nature’s perfect food.” This is because it is meant to insure the newborn camel is healthy.

Camilk also has a line of soap guaranteed to keep skin soft and hydrated. It is made with a mix of fresh camel milk and essential oils, perfect for all types of skin. Health bars are another form of camel milk that Camilk has produced. They are “nothing less than” what can be found with the milk and soap. Testimonials and products aside, Camilk Farms are much more humane than the average cow dairy farm. Camilk only collects milk after the mothers have bred naturally, and they do not cause distress to the mother or baby. This is something that many Cow Dairy Farms do not care about.

What Makes Camilk Farms Better Than Traditional Dairy Farms

PETA set out to reveal the truth of the dairy industry in a scathing article published on their website. The cows are artificially inseminated once a year just to make sure they keep producing milk. After giving birth the mother only gets to spend a day with her child before it is taken away and, depending on gender, put through the same process or sent to the beef industry.

In order for the milk to be collected the cows are hooked up to milking machines at least twice every day. It is not uncommon for them to be given a growth hormone which often leads to mastitis, a disease that inflames their udders. Mastitis is also the main cause of death for cows in the dairy industry, and over sixteen percent are affected by it. Many of the cows are killed anyway at just five years old.

Of course, due to the awful conditions they live in, even if the cows were released to a peaceful life in a field they would not last long. Almost half of them are already lame by that point. Dairy farms do not even consider that option regardless. They simply send the dead and lame cows to slaughterhouses without a second thought.

Buy Camel Milk Products from One of the Most Humane Dairy Farms Today

Camilk dairy


When putting Camilk and an average dairy farm side by side, it is not hard to see which one is better. A little extra money is worth it when it comes to animal welfare, and Camilk has made that their top priority. They love their camels like family, and even give each one a name based on customer suggestions.

Camilk is a wholesome business, founded by people who just want to share the benefits of camel milk with the rest of the world, while also making sure not to exploit or harm the animals they get it from. On top of that, they have also been producing health bars and even soap.

The camels of Camilk Dairy live on huge farms with green pastures and a diet healthier than that of many humans. For just a little more money than what is spent on cow’s milk, consumers can get a healthy drink while also enjoying the fact that they got it from a happy and healthy animal.

The testimonials along with the fact that some products are beginning to sell out are proof enough of how well received Camilk has been by the general population. In just a few more years maybe they will even be more, if not nearly as, successful as the dairy industry.

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