More than a town

Rochester is a small town in Victoria County, Australia. Approximate population of this town is 3500 - 4000. Ecosystem here is focused on agriculture and dairy business. Organized farming and care of cattle has sprouted many business opportunities including some big ones like The Devondale.

How did we come to know about this place and what made us decide to start our venture from here? Well, as an ambassador of healthy lifestyle, we have studied stories of many legendary sportspersons. The Oppy is one of our favorite! Story of a man who rode bicycle from age of 8 till 90 can inspire even a depressed soul to take another ride!

Rochester is a birthplace to The Oppy, aka  Sir Hubert Opperman. This place deserved an honor for giving such a great athlete to the world. People here are full of affection, their attention to their cattle and environment made us, nomads of world full with pollution, feel alive again! We were looking for an opportunity to serve this land with the best we had.

Then came the devastating floods of 2011. Rainfall that year broke many records, waters of Campapse river overrun 80% of Rochester. Military forces were tasked for evacuation of town and the Rochester Hospital. Water levels in Rochester reached 23' 11", highest since 1916.

Water levels came down; but normal life in Rochester took its time. It's not easy to overcome a natural hazard and Rochester was not an exception to this.

Watching this town's journey through thick and thins made us fall in love with it. We decided if it was anywhere in this world we would start our venture from, it would be Rochester, Victoria County, Australia. Our experts had shortlisted many sites from Portland to Swan Hill. However, Rochester was the only choice our hearts made.

We are happy with our choices and so are people of Rochester! Camilk has one of the largest camel farms across the country here. Our camels have a nourishing and quality life with day to day care, best hygiene to healthy food. Environment here is very healthy which ensures fresh and pure milk from the cattle.

Camilk has collaborated with many local farmers to nurture and care camels. We have created employment opportunities here to contribute in improving economy suffering from 2011 floods. Our commitment to supply fresh camel milk to the world has it's roots in this town. We aim to build a healthy future. A healthy future for our camels, for people of Rochester, for our next generation, for mankind.

We invite you to visit our facility at Rochester, it's not just a town, it's our home!

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