Our 1 year old baby has multiple food allergies. When we were ready to wean from breastfeeding, we were concerned about finding a milk source that his system would tolerate and his nutritional needs being met. Baby B has a limited number of safe foods (6 as of now) and Camilk's Freeze dried milk powder had been a game changer for us. He is thriving on it and growing beautifully. We are also incredibly impressed with the care and customer service we've received. This is a great product and I would highly recommend it to those wanting an alternative to frozen milk.
Jessica T
I recently purchased a bag of freeze dried camel milk from Camilk Dairy . I had done some research on various milk products and found that camel milk might be just what I was looking for in a milk product. I received my milk and immediately mixed up a glass. It was excellent . The taste and consistency were perfect. I am able to drink it without any issues like I had with cows milk, lactose intolerance. I will be ordering more soon. Give camel milk a try. You will not be disappointed.
Jim Limberakis
We received our freeze-dried camel's milk last week. My son, who has DS-ASD reacts poorly to cows milk. I was skeptical but also curious about camel milk. He LOVES it and has had no adverse reaction, in fact, quite the opposite, it seems to be helping his belly woes! As an additional bonus, my daughter, (a very selective eater) also LOVES it! So happy for this product and the ability to have it shipped to Canada!!!
Dawne Hammerschmidt
I love Camilk Dairy!! Me and my kids can't keep enough camel milk in our house it goes fast we love it!!!
I have really enjoyed our experience ordering from Camilk Dairy. The milk arrived still semi frozen at my home in Louisiana. Tastes amazing. I look forward to ordering more from this company.
Jodi Sibley
Camilk dairy is the best milk option for my kid with severe cow milk allergy